29Forward was founded in 2013 to provide expertise to organisations in advanced analytics, business intelligence and data management. Many satisfied customers later we set up a presence in London, UK, in 2016.

We are now a proud team of highly skilled business analysts, data scientists, technology experts and project managers across Europe with many years of experience. Our expertise spans across Database Management, ETL Processes, Analytics and Reporting, Business Intelligence and Project Management.

We count leading businesses in Finance, Insurance, Retail, Aviation and Telecommunications to our list of clients, and our locations and exchange of knowledge give us great flexibility to tackle anything from small projects to complex and extensive assignments. 


Whatever the task we only know one way, and that is forward!

With this philosophy in mind, we use our Business Intelligence expertise to focus on helping you to use your business’ IT capacity fully and effectively, so that you can access knowledge and insight about your company to make good, forward-looking business decisions.

We believe that it all starts with good data. Whether you require a high-level view or detailed analysis, explanations, correlations, projections – the output is only as good as the input.

Data is a valuable asset, and with the right tools and processes you can turn it into actionable insight that will help you stay ahead in a competitive world and navigate through changing times.

We also believe that what makes a successful business is the right balance between the established and the latest innovations and methodologies. We combine your team’s knowledge with our industry experience and our up-to-date market knowledge so we can look for valuable, long-term solutions with the right amount of flexibility. We will make it our mission to help you build a better relationship with your IT so your business can be the best it can be. For the long-term.

Our goal at 29Forward is to help you run your business as intelligently as possible by creating bespoke, data driven Business Intelligence solutions for your business. 


We understand that the long road to success is a focused and steady one.

To stay ahead you require the right balance between the tried and tested and new technologies. On any new project, we will start by understanding your organisation, what drives your industry and your business, what is your competitive edge, your team culture and your challenges. We understand that your team is at the heart of the project.

While offering you our skills, experience and a different perspective, we will work together with your specialists to achieve the best possible solutions for your organisation. We advise and suggest change where we think change would pay off. We offer alternatives and are clear on the trade-offs. We assist you all the way through to implementation.

Excellence and Integrity

We solve problems for our customers the way we solve our own problems: With our eyes firmly on the best possible outcome and with integrity that underpins our decisions and work ethic.

Respect and Trust

We respect each other and everyone we deal with, and we understand that any relationship is built on trust.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage and support creativity and innovation. Our market is fast moving and continually presents new challenges, opportunities and possibilities, and we like to stay ahead!

Drive and Happiness

We surround ourselves with people who are driven and responsible. We look after them as they are our most valuable asset and the key to our success.

29FORWARD AG Germany

Head office Mainburg:

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29FORWARD Ltd United Kingdom


4 Winsley Street · London · W1W 8HF · United Kingdom

29FORWARD Poland


ul. Ludwika Waryńskiego 3A, Warszawa

29FORWARD South Africa

Cape Town – ZA Head office:

Spaces Office 221 · 50 Long Street · Cape Town · 8000


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