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Your business sits on vast amounts of data and only through the right analytics can be turned into valuable information.



Solutions Optimisation

For every problem there are multiple solutions. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each approach based on the restrictions and assumptions unique to your business. We then work through the complexity and present the best possible solution in a real-life context, allowing you to make informed decisions.



Exception Based Reporting

The primary goal of Business Intelligence is to produce the valuable information and targeted insight on which good business decisions can be made. This requires data to be reliable and readily available, information generation to be relevant and ad-hoc, and presentation and visulaisation to be clear and user-friendly. We can support you through all stages to achieve a solid reporting structure with the right amount of flexibility.


To detect good and bad anomalies in incoming data streams and structures against a pre-defined benchmark. Recognising shifts in customer behavior in real-time as the data is generated allows you to take swift action.

The value of data is measured by the success of fact based decisions and the results of actionable insight derived from it.

Marco Fehrl, Managing Director 29Forward Ltd

Real-time Dashboard and Visual Analytics

We develop real-time dashboard solutions that provide you with an accurate representation of the health of your company, including valuable and targeted insight into current and emerging trends, correlations, patterns and comparisons. Robust user-friendly dashboards are the basis for good and active decision making and consistent performance.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data presents opportunities to make better, faster decisions in every situation. We’ll advise and assist you to efficiently bring together your information with additional, new or external sources and take advantage of the latest technologies like IoT, AI and ML. Your organisation will be able to respond to customers in real time, fix an issue, exploit a commercial opportunity or even enter a new market.


Statistical Modelling

We apply statistical models to your data to uncover correlations and hidden data groups allowing us to provide projections and to simulate possible what-if cases.

Types of Analysis
Descriptive Analytics

What has happened?

Current-state analysis of data and processes, including the evaluation of data quality, completeness, consistency, timeliness, etc. An accurate assessment of the present will uncover existing gaps, inefficiencies and inaccuracies, and their causes.

Predictive Analytics

What will happen?

Future-state analysis of data, processes and behaviours to help adjust and improve business strategies and reporting. Predictive analytics is built on descriptive analytics. It includes data classification that allows for specific methodologies and processes for different data segments, such as clients, products, services, etc.

Prescriptive Analytics

What should be done?

Concrete actions are derived from outcomes of statistical analyses. Classical statistics, data mining and machine learning approaches all form part of prescriptive analytics.


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