Your business sits on vast amounts of data and only through the right analytics can be turned into valuable information.



ETL Processes
Data Quality Assessments
Data Cleansing and Data Hygiene

Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from a source system to a data warehouse.


We assess the quality of your underlying source data for accuracy, consistency, completemenss, integrity, timeliness, etc.  We also review your data capture methods and advise you on how to improve your processes for better data quality going forward.


Improve the quality and take control of your data. Based on the findings of a data quality assessment we help you to clean up data in live systems to provide a better basis for future processes, analyses and reporting. Data storage cost can be reduced by migrating, archiving or deleting large sets of unnecessary or unused data. We assist you in adopting data hygiene best practices including processes for standardised data at the point of entry, to keep your data clean and consistent.

Data Governance

Data Governance is an overall framework for the management of data assets. It is fundamental to any organisation whose decisions are based on significant volumes of data and it includes data availability, usability, integrity and security. We have experienced data specialists who will help you every step of the way to develop or improve your data governance framework. Together we will ensure that your data can be trusted for decision-making, data ownership is clearly defined and that procedures are established to define what kinds of information your company should capture, retain and exploit and for what purposes.



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