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Advanced Analytics

Our analysts support you in driving toward your business goals, powered by your data. Every company and every data set is different and therefore tailored methods are required to accelerate business processes, optimise decisions, precisely control production processes, personalise marketing strategies or validate scoring processes.

Every company has data, but specialist outside assistance is often required to extract the maximum knowledge from it. Starting with an initial exploratory data analysis, we will find the hidden relationships in your data and present you with opportunities for action. Together with your experts, we will develop specific ways to apply the knowledge gained and supplement your company’s existing capabilities with our analytical expertise.

We also have the skills and experience to support you to implement, automate and validate your own analyses or to assist you to find and correct problems with previously implemented BI Solutions or models.

Our Goal

We tailor the outcomes of our projects to the particular requirements of our clients and deliver trusted, validated, insightful reports and dashboards that allow you to make decisions based on data and the predicted benefits.

Our Services

Data Visualisation and Correlation


Statistical Analysis and Verification


Regression Modelling and Prediction


Optimisation through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


Big Data Management of Large Data Sets


Business Intelligence Solutions to Generate Insightful Reports and Dashboards


Automation of Reporting to Reduce Latency and Administrative Burden


Training to Embed Skills to Generate Ad-hoc Reporting


Exception Based Reporting to Identify and Highlight Changes in Behaviour

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