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An overview of a selection of projects that 29FORWARD supported which delivered significant benefits.

SAS Credit Scoring

Our task was the conception, implementation and operation of an international system for credit scoring including model validation, default processing and risk reporting.

SAS Architecture Conception

The task was to set up architecture concepts including authorisation concepts as well as the subsequent implementation for the international use of SAS platforms at several major banks. In addition, we provide ongoing support for the use and expansion of the system by continuously updating concepts and implementing them.

SLA Monitoring

The focus of this project was on the design and development of a framework for the provision of data for monitoring the service level between an IT service provider and the affiliated banks. We replaced an in-house development by the customer with the SAS Solution ITRM.

SAS Portfolio Analysis

Our task was to design and implement a BI application for risk management at portfolio level. We developed the architecture concept, the data model, implemented the data management and supported the system operation.



Optimization of the SAS Data Supply

The aim of the project was to optimize ETL routes for an international insurance company. The aim was to optimize the running time of the existing ETL routes. As a result, the running times were reduced by up to 90%.

Reporting Platform for a CRM Service Provider

The task was to design and develop a reporting platform for a multi-partner program. The aim was to provide more than 2500 affiliated branches with detailed reports on customer development within the program.



Exception based interactive dashboard

Agile implementation of an availability tracker to improve inefficient stock allocations. We used a prototype to liaise between business stakeholders, data stewards and technical teams. We designed, developed and implemented a dashboard solution based on our findings and feedback.

Migration of customer data and preparation for GDPR

Preparation and support for the migration of customer related data to a cloud provider. We assessed data quality before advising on and executing data cleansing. The solution utilises third party APIs for verification of customer data at point of entry. The concept of golden records further reduced duplicates of customer profiles.

Data cleansing
for a luxury retailer 

Data quality analysis with regard to the completeness, accuracy, duplication, consistency and referential integrity of data, as well as identification of gaps, irregularities and dependencies that could lead to problems during upcoming migration. We generated SQL scripts during data migration phase along with recommendations to maintain good data quality going forward.

Business intelligence system optimisation for a luxury retailer

We led a project for a heritage UK luxury retailer with multiple physical retail stores and international operations to Improve their Business Intelligence reporting. We analysed their data architecture and reporting and improved existing data feeds, established new data feeds and introduced automation to regular reports and the potential for self service and ad hoc reporting.

Case Study
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Data Platform Design and Migration for a Travel and Tourism Company

We were engaged to drive a key strategic programme for a large multinational travel and tourism company to move their local, market-based operators onto a common data platform to take advantage of economies of scale when negotiating with suppliers. The objective of the project was to create a single platform, standardising and migrating historic data from each market’s legacy systems, while also integrating data from new applications.

We designed and implemented a solution using Snowflake as a platform making standardised data from across all source markets accessible from a single source which has revolutionised the way our client is able to negotiate contracts and manage their pricing and inventory across the business based on a holistic view.

Case Study 
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Airport Passenger Tracking Solution

Analysis and evaluation of passenger tracking data. Combining data from various sources with different characteristics to form an optimal and thorough understanding of passenger journeys, bottlenecks and waiting times. We advised on staff schedules and dynamic passenger routing to reduce overcrowding at specific locations.

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