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Just as the use of cloud storage and virtual machines offer advantages over more traditional hardware and software ownership and maintenance paradigms, outsourcing the management of your applications to a trusted external partner will give you access to the latest and greatest solutions and competences without incurring the financial and time costs of building and maintaining them within your own organization, allowing you to concentrate your precious resources on your primary business activities.

Managed Services is very broad category which can cover the provision of support to many areas of a business. In the world of IT, the main application is when a system is in operation when it must be monitored and maintained to ensure business continuity. Managed Services are commonly applied to the optimisation and development of applications, databases, and complex business systems. Managed Services can also quickly fill any missing competencies, provide access to expertise in particular solutions and reduce both operational and financial risks. The range of services that we will provide depends on your needs and can cover a complete process or system or only a specific part. Security of your data and systems is always our priority as demonstrated by the attention that we pay to the security of every Managed Services environment and the training of our associates.

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency and ensuring your business continuity and data security, maintaining control over the function and costs of the service, freeing your resources to focus on your primary business activities.

Our Services

SAS application management


SAS platform administration


Business Intelligence solutions maintenance

Application management for other solution providers available on request

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